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International Champion
Astarte v. Blauen Palais
AKA Stacey

Stacey a lilac Burmese came to me from her breeder Ulrike Dudenhoffer from Germany.  She was a mature queen having already had a litter.  I was bringing her to England to beed from her with the intention of breeding a Burmese Hypokalemia negative female for breeding.

She is a delightful girl, very laid back and a very good mother, but at present no BHK Negative girls

But there will be more litters to come in the future

IC Astarte v.BlauenPalais

Stacey’s litter with Nadikat’s Meryem Xtaskia
22nd June 2017

Gazzella Meryem
Chocolate Boy

Gazzella Meine Bel Gazou
Lilac girl

More kittens planned for Stacey next spring