I have not had my own Stud cat except for Azzurro who I shared with Caroline Turner-Russell for over twelve years and I have decided the time is right for me to have a Stud cat of my own again.  Grady is a super boy and just the right type for me, so I have decided to keep him as a Stud.  This means I must make a hard decision as I am not able to keep more than three adult cats a present.  So I have had Dodo neutered as Grady will carry on her line and I will be making arrangement for her to go to a new permanent home.  This means the only kitten for this page is Georgie who has gone to her new home in Derbyshire to live with Susan Hardisty

Grady will have his own page!

Gazzella Georgia My Belle pet name Orla

With Susan Hardisty and a few days later in her new home,  where she has made herself very mush at home!  Thank you Susan for the great photos

We just love getting photos of our babies in their new homes