Daylight Fairydust’s
Kittens New Families

Dusty’s first litter with Gr&UK Ch Wellbrand Haymaker

G-Gwindor (Smudge)
with Lesley Fleming Hereford

G-Galdora Giraldy

G-Galadriel with
Cosima Kueng Switzerland

G-Galena Munday
with Stephanie St Albans

Dusty’s second litter with Ch Gazzella Grady Silver Beau

G- Silva Hetzebetlza & G-Silver Huseful with Richard & Chris London

Richard & Chris London

G- Silver Hamamelis aka Hazel
staying with me as a future queen

Dusty’s third litter with Wellbrand Yuscatonic (Lorenzo)

G-Isoldoro (MarcoPolo) with
Ella Knox-Johnson Hertfordshire

G- Innis  Brainard wi th his new friend Junke London

G-Iolanthe aka Lanthe is staying with me as
a future queen

G-Iredessa Wilson