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GUK Ch. Wellbrand Haymaker with Gazzella Dakota Blue
DoB 25th May 2011

This was Dodo’s only litter as I decided to keep her son Grady to cary on the line

Dodo has now been retired as “Grady” will be carrying on “Missie’s” line  

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Gazzella Dakota Blue’s Kittens

Cufa’s Lea Veterinary Centre
Where Mr Cowap is giving them their all important vaccinations

The kittens are 9 weeks old and this is their first outing away from mum.  Mr Cowap is giving them their first veterinary examination to make sure all is well before giving them their 1st vaccination

Grady and Georgie

The kittens are now 7 weeks old and well on their way to being weaned, they are exploring their world and Dodo is leaving them for longer, but ofcourse the slightest noise from the kits brings her running

Kits now 3 weeks old
and beginning to explore and climb
one of us better than the other

King of the Castle