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Daylight Raindrops on Roses

When I found out that my friend Helen Barns had a Chocolate Tortie Shaded Silver kitten avaiable I was very excited and contacted her starlight away.

That kitten was Rosie.

Rosie fits in with my lines, plus she is a complete outcrossa  as her Sire is a Red Burmese (this is a permitted outcross to improve type and enlarge my gene pool)  which means she is still a Burmilla but on a different register until at least three generations of her progeny are registered

She is an active cat and very talkative, in this respect she reminds me very much of cats I had bred at the third and fourth generations.

I’m looking forward to having Tortie and Reds again after at least a decade

Daylight Raindrops on Roses X I Gr Ch Wellbrand Ghost Buster
first litter
dob 6th January 2018

Kit 1

Kit 2

Kit 3

Kit 4