Cat litter comes in various forms but I only recommend Biodegradable litter.  I use mostly paper based litter, but these are more expensive than wood based ones however they do not tread fine dust into the carpets etc. as much as wood.  Also as most of us will put the spent litter into land fill at least it will compost down very quickly and be less of a biohazard than the non biodegradable litters.

Taking Your Kitten Home

When you decide to get a kitten, it may be because you are now ready to introduce a pet into your lives for the first time.  It could also be because a beloved pet has died, or even become lost and not returned.  You may have had a cat of no known breed and are now looking for a pedigree kitten.  If you have had a pedigree cat before you will already know that it will have been vaccinated and the breeder will have given you a  pedigree, registration certificate and feeding chart. This page is to help you choose the appropriate items you will need when introducing your kitten to it new home

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Taking your kitten

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This page is a work in progress, new items will be added in the near future!

Your kitten has been chosen and booked (a small deposit paid to secure your kitten). Now you eagerly await the day of collection.

Your kitten will be at least 12 weeks old and will have been registered, vaccinated, and micro-chipped.  Even if you have had a cat before there are some items you may need to get.

Some of these items you will need and some it would be nice to have but not entirely necessary for you cats comfort and welfare.

Item 1. A cat bed
There are many in the stores, these are just a few

Beds come in all shapes and sizes, from the very simple just a flat padded blanket to the very elaborate.  And of course I mustn’t forget the ubiquitous cardboard box (which by the way if chosen wisely fits the bill beautifully as it is warm and draught proof and with a few nice blankets your cat can snuggle down in it.  But don’t spend too much on a bed for your kit as I can guarantee the bed they will prefer if you let them is in your bed with you.  Or failing this your sofa with a few cushions to snuggle into

Item 2. Litter Tray

Cheap litter tray inclined to crack easily

Larger and more robust tray will last longer

Tray with rim to help prevent litter from being trod into carpets etc.

These are just a few of the litter trays available on the market.  You will need a litter tray even if it is your intention to allow you cat to go out unsupervised.  I strongly advise you not to let them out until they are complete familiar with you and will come when called.  Even then it may be wise to keep a tray somewhere in the house for times when the cat is shut in.


Covered litter tray with swing flap, to reduce smell and help prevent  tread!

Covered tray to fit in to a corner

Item 3. Cat Litter

Paper based litter can be found on line at Amazon

Wood based litter with clumping agent
from  specialist
cat products shop

Paper based litter
can be found at Sainsbury’s or Pets at Home  
( I use this brand for my kittens)

Wood base litter can be found on line at Amazon

Paper based litter from R&L Pet Products (see useful contacts) I use this brand myself

Paper based litter from R&L Pet Products (see useful links)

Wood base litter  from Wilkinsons (Wilco)
(I use this litter for my
outside  pens)