Home of beautiful Burmillas and Burmese

Little Viggi was bred by my friend
Kaija-Leena Laasko in Finland and she came to the UK in March 2014.  
I particulary wanted Viggi because she is the grand daughter of Ch Tessie af Misapotanien (bred in Denmark) and Ch Gazzella Grady Silver Beau (bred by me in the UK).  So she will be coming back into my lines, whilst at the same enlarging my gene pool.

She is a blue shaded golden (Burmese expression), and although she is not my favourite colour she makes up for this with her wonderful temperament.

Viggi gave birth to her first litter of five kittens on March 6th by Wellbrand Yuscatoni (Lorenzo) a favourite stud cat of mine for his wonderful temperament.

Kissamummon Pikku Vigi
‘Little Viggi’

Litter of five kittens from

Kissamummon Pikku Vigi X Wellbrand Yuscatonic

6th March 2015

1) Gazzella Kestrel

2) Gazzella Kingfisher

3) Gazzella Knot

Gazzella Kittiwake

Gazzella Kiwi

All Viggi’s kittens have now
found new homes

Gazzella Kestrel Giraudy
12 weeks old